osteopath Paula Saarelma



Paula is a sensitive and experienced osteopath with a gentle and intuitive way of treating her patients. She has specialized in Women´s Health Osteopathy.

The most common reasons for coming to Paula’s clinic are back problems, neck and shoulder problems, stress, headaches and migraines, pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, pelvic girdle pain, and recovery from childbirth. For babies, the most common reasons are recovery from the birth, asymmetry in infancy, crying, stomach problems and breastfeeding challenges.

Paula graduated as an osteopath in Finland in 2006 from the University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. She continued her studies by completing a Women’s Health Osteopathy postgraduate course in London during the years 2017-2019. The focus of further education was on the promotion of women’s health and osteopathy during pregnancy, motherhood, and infancy.

During the first years as an osteopath, Paula worked in a physiotherapy center and after that she opened her own clinic in the center of Helsinki. Since 2010, Paula has focused on therapies for women and babies. In addition to work in her clinic, Paula has represented her sector in projects related to osteopathy and at the student training clinic at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. In 2023, Paula moved her clinic to Tenerife.

Paula speaks Finnish, English and some Spanish.


  • 2019, Postgraduate Diploma in Osteopathy Women’s Health Osteopathy, Molinary Institute of Health, London
  • 2006, Osteopath, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Social and Health Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2002, Vocational Qualification in Massage, Tampere Sports Massage School, Finland
  • 2001, Basic Course of Physical Education, Varala Sport Institute, Finland

    Opening hours

    Mon-Thu at 10-18


    El Árbol Terapias Naturales

    Calle Esquivel 6
    38400 Puerto de la Cruz
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife



    Naisten Osteopatia

    Calle Esquivel 6

    Paula´s osteopathy treatment fees

    Osteopathy for women and babies

    Osteopathy € 55 / 45-60 min

    Extended session € 10 / 15 min

    Massage in connection with treatment € 10 / 15 min




    Request appointments by phone or email

    +34 67 234 9525 / paula@naistenosteopatia.fi